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Secrets to Bullying The Credit Bureaus

Kick Ass Credit in 90 Days!

by Tha Credit Bully : Remy Smith

I've poured more than 10 years of my experience into this book, "Secrets to Bullying Tha Credit Bureaus" and now, I'm sharing it with you. During these trying times, I want to help EVERYONE increase their credit scores.

You can spend thousands of dollars on improving your credit, but you'll save a lot more by making this eBook yours, and DIY your way to fixing your credit EFFECTIVELY! 

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But sharing is caring, and I want to share more and get to know your needs better so, I'm launching a private group called I Create Credit Bullies.

In this group, you'll get all these exclusively:

  • Access to the Group

  • Dispute Techniques on how to bully Thee Credit Bureaus

  • Challenge bankruptcy from 9 different credit bureaus *NEW UPDATE*

  • Strategies on how to brand/market yourself

  • Learn how to make your first sale in 24hrs

  • FREE credit repair software

  • ..and many more!